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R. L. Craig Company, Inc.
11524 Commonwealth Drive
Louisville, KY 40299
PH: 800.252.4235,
Fax: 502.245.1462
Email: sales@rlcraigco.com
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PRODUCTS by Manufacturers:

Factories R. L. Craig Company, Inc. Represents & Distributes

Accurex  - Commercial Kitchen Ventilation     INDEECO  - Industrial Electric Heaters
Acudor  - Access Doors - Duct & Architectural   

IVEC  - Dust Collection Variable Controls 

Air Concepts  - Specialty Air Diffusers     Kinetics  - Vibration Isolators and Sound Attenuating Products, Seismic Protection
AMPCO  - Positive Pressure, Type B Gas Vent & Grease Rated Duct   Koger Air  - Cylclones, Air-Loc Feeders, Material Handling Fans & Blast Gates 
Antec  - Laboratory and Room Pressure Controls   MAC Equipment  - Dust Collection & Accessories
Armstrong  - Air Quality Monitoring and Alarms Systems     Masterduct  - Industrial Hose 
Berner International  - Commercial and Industrial Air Curtains and Air Doors   Modine  - Unit Heaters and Duct Furnaces
Blender Products  - Air Blending Devices   Nordfab®  - Clamp Together Industrial Duct



Blue Duct  - Round ductwork designed for underground installations                                 Q-Duct - Factory Preinsulated Exterior Ductwork
Car-Mon Products  - Vehicle and Welding Exhaust Systems & Casing

DuctSox  - Cloth Ductwork & Solutions


Fan-Am  - Corrosive Environmental Fans


Flexmaster  - Flexible Duct and Duct Fittings



PHP  - Supports for Roof Mounting Duct & Piping

Price Industries  - Grilles, Registers and Diffusers - Standard and Special Application, Laminar Flow and Critical Area Air, Distribution Products, Terminal Units, Critical Environment, Underfloor, Chilled Beam, Radiant Heating/Cooling, Displacement Ventilation, Sound Attenuators & Plenum

Q-Mark  - Electric Unit Heaters & Heating Products

Ruffneck  - Explosion Resistant and Corrosive Atmosphere Electric Unit Heaters 

Samsung  - VRV HVAC Systems, Mini-Splits, and Chillers


Franklin  - Motor Starters, VFD, & Fan/Damper Controls   Semco  - Commercial/Industrial Round Ductwork & Fittings Sound Attenuators & Casing
  Greenheck   - Commercial and Industrial Fans
Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems
Energy Recovery Units
Laboratory and Fume Exhaust Systems
Louvers and Dampers
Make-up Air Units

 Solaronics  -Infra-red heating products

  Gripple Inc.  - Suspension of Mechanical & Electrical Services, HVAC and Signage Systems   Sternvent  - Commercial/Industrial Round Ductwork & Fittings Sound Attenuators & Casing
  Hansentek  - Spark Detection Systems for Dust Collectors 
  Thermolec  -Electric Duct Heaters
Heatfab  - Non-Corrosive Single and Double Walled AL294c Vent for High Efficiency Condensing Boilers   Titan  - Custom, Industrial, Process Heating, Makeup Air & Air Conditioning Units

HOWORTH AIR TECHNOLOGY  - Ultra Clean Ventilation Systems for Operating Rooms

Antrum  - Centralized Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Acutherm  - High Performance, Variable Air Volume Air Distribution Systems


R. L. Craig Company, Inc. work with many other companies in addition to the ones listed above.