While your employees may have their favorite coats and mittens that are great in the cold weather, wearing them while they’re working probably isn’t all that appealing. In the winter months, a heated workplace is a happy workplace. And no matter how large your warehouse is or how cold these winter temperatures get, R.L. Craig Company can provide you with the most efficient heating solution for your space.

You may be thinking that, due to the sheer size of your workplace, heating it in an economically efficient way would be impossible. This is not true at all. Our industrial space heaters are specifically designed to distribute heat efficiently in large spaces, like in warehouses. We make sure that you and your employees are comfortable, and that you’re not paying through the nose for quality heating.

Gas unit heaters can be used in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and other large spaces, with low costs of operation of course. Our effective space heaters ensure even heat distribution and can also provide heat to specific areas. Quality space heating systems can also quickly offset the temperature dropping effects of cold air that could infiltrate the building through doors or other openings.

So when you need a heating solution for your warehouse, distribution center, factories, or other large workplace, remember that R.L. Craig can help. We have been providing industrial heaters for close to six decades and our staff has almost 250 years of cumulative experience. No one has the expertise and experience that we do, so why would you go anywhere else?