At R.L. Craig Company, Inc., we are distributors of HVAC equipment for numerous different manufacturing companies. One of those companies is Price Industries, a respected supplier of air distribution products and solutions. Among their latest undertakings is the Price Engineer’s HVAC Handbook. This 22 chapter, all-inclusive handbook is an impressive collection of technical content. It took over 18 months to compile, and was the work of more than 30 Price engineers and designers. As you might expect, the Price Engineer’s HVAC Handbook covers a wide range of subjects and topics throughout the commercial and industrial air management industries, including a discussion on the theory of HVAC.

The 1st edition of the Price Handbook is broken down into two main sections: Fundamentals and Applications.


The Fundamentals section breaks down established concepts into easy to understand parts. It covers topics like air distribution systems, indoor environmental quality, and the basics of acoustics. Readers can use it both as a learning tool and as a reference text that includes detailed illustrations.


The second section is filled with new concepts and the latest research on design guidance. It covers such critical topics as duct design, VAV diffusers, radiant heating and cooling, and healthcare applications in 14 detailed chapters.

The goal of the Price Engineer’s HVAC Handbook is to bring together a tremendous amount of information in one document. It is an important learning tool for anyone with the desire to learn more about the concepts and technology that drive the HVAC industry.

For more information about the Price Engineer’s HVAC Handbook or to obtain a copy, contact us directly at R.L. Craig Company, Inc. today.