A Look at the Price Engineer’s HVAC Handbook

At R.L. Craig Company, Inc., we are distributors of HVAC equipment for numerous different manufacturing companies. One of those companies is Price Industries, a respected supplier of air distribution (...)

Celebrating Manufacturing Month by Supporting STEM Education

With National Manufacturing Month in full swing, industrial companies and associations are working hard to engage the next generation of workers. Lately, there have been countless headlines about the (...)

Heating your Warehouse and Beating Winter Woes

While your employees may have their favorite coats and mittens that are great in the cold weather, wearing them while they’re working probably isn’t all that appealing. In the winter months, a heated (...)

To Your Health: HVAC Systems in Clean Rooms

In our previous blog post, we touched on the role of air conditioning in today’s hospital environment, including the importance of temperature in specialist procedures like open-heart surgery and neon (...)

The Birth of the Indoor Shopping Mall

Not many people outside of building design and architecture may know the name Victor Gruen, but the Austrian-born architect is credited with revolutionizing the way America shopped. Considered the inv (...)

5 Major Contributions of Air Conditioning to Society

While once a luxury, air conditioning has now become an indispensable feature of many American homes and businesses. At R.L. Craig Company, we provide solutions for many process applications where the (...)

Where to Look for HVAC Incentives and Rebates for Businesses

Business owners often face a dilemma when considering replacing or updating their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Although operating an energy-efficient HVAC system is a pro (...)

Fabric Ductwork: How and Why It Will Work for You

There are a lot of advantages in using fabric ductwork if you’re building a large commercial space or manufacturing facility. In terms of cost, labor-intensiveness, air dispersion, hygiene, (...)

A New Website – and Vision – for R.L. Craig Company, Inc.

We’re pretty excited here at R.L. Craig Company to have our new website up and running. The domain name remains the same, the quality products and services we provide are exactly as before, but t (...)

It’s Safe to Go Back Underground

Let me just go right ahead and say it; I think ductwork looks neat.  I do. I like brightly painted spiral duct with elbows and offsets. I like rectangular duct with flanges and cro (...)

A Revolution Is Underway in HVAC Technology

We’re all familiar with small direct drive fans and “speed controllers”. These speed controllers are rheostats which consume, or waste, energy before it gets to the PSC fan motor, slowing the mot (...)

The Encyclopedia HVAC-ia

Time and again, the technologies that comprise our HVAC industry have changed. New installation techniques, not to mention whole new concepts for ventilation, make their impact felt on a yearly basis. (...)

A New Development in the North American HVAC Industry: Displacement Ventilation

Although the concept and application have been around since 1978 (first commonly used in Scandinavia), it’s only been fairly recently that displacement ventilation has come to North American shores. I (...)