Take a Look at the MacroAir AirViz 3D Motion Tool

Making a large industrial equipment purchase can involve a tough decision-making process. Without the ability to “try before you buy,” many industrial purchasing agents are limited to reading product reviews and profiles, and possibly watching sample demonstrations before determining which product to choose. Even then, it can be hard to know exactly how the machinery will function in a particular workspace without being able to test it in the area.

Now, however, a new modeling tool has been developed by MacroAir that allows customers and prospects to see how their fans will direct airflow in a particular space. The tool, called AirViz, shows how the airflow will move and act using color-coded 3-D video, allowing engineers to more accurately determine how many fans a space will require and where they should be placed.

MacroAir released a video describing the benefits of AirViz and demonstrating how the online tool works by showing virtual air movement in a facility. They also mentioned a success story in which a customer thought they needed three fans in their facility, but determined they really only need two after seeing the AirViz graphics. With 800 locations, this business was able to greatly reduce costs by saving themselves from purchasing 800 unnecessary fans. This is just one example of how the 3-D modeling software is already benefiting industrial clients.

Watch the YouTube video below:


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