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A Look at the Price Engineer’s HVAC Handbook

At R.L. Craig Company, Inc., we are distributors of HVAC equipment for numerous different manufacturing companies. One of those companies is Price Industries, a respected supplier of air distribution products and solutions. Among their latest undertakings is the Price Engineer’s … Continue reading

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Take a Look at the MacroAir AirViz 3D Motion Tool

Making a large industrial equipment purchase can involve a tough decision-making process. Without the ability to “try before you buy,” many industrial purchasing agents are limited to reading product reviews and profiles, and possibly watching sample demonstrations before determining which … Continue reading

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5 Major Contributions of Air Conditioning to Society

While once a luxury, air conditioning has now become an indispensable feature of many American homes and businesses. At R.L. Craig Company, we provide solutions for many process applications where the objective of air-conditioning systems is not only to control … Continue reading

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Where to Look for HVAC Incentives and Rebates for Businesses

Business owners often face a dilemma when considering replacing or updating their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Although operating an energy-efficient HVAC system is a proven money saver in the long run, the initial cost of installation can … Continue reading

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Fabric Ductwork: How and Why It Will Work for You

There are a lot of advantages in using fabric ductwork if you’re building a large commercial space or manufacturing facility. In terms of cost, labor-intensiveness, air dispersion, hygiene, and long-term maintenance, fabric ductwork is a hard choice to beat. It’s … Continue reading

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